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A practical resource for therapy and education

by David Taransaud – Therapy Lead at Chaigeley School



There are many storybooks on the market that have been specifically designed as therapeutic tools to be used with children, but very few are available for young people.

The Rage for Life is a silent graphic novel: the story is told in pictures only, with no speech bubbles or narration. The aim of this wordless storybook is to provide a vehicle for adults to help young people:

  • Safely confront and communicate anxiety-provoking material.
  • Understand that ‘an abnormal reaction to an abnormal situation is normal behaviour’ (Frankel, 1946).
  • Process powerful affects associated with past experiences, and share their own life story with us.
  • Take a forward step towards change and re-author their painful past into a new story, a new narrative that is no longer about fear and suffering but about survival, hope and triumph.

The Rage for Life also aims to:

Highlight how metaphors and symbolic imagery provide an indirect, non-threatening way of communicating painful thoughts and experiences that have defied verbal expression but continue to crave recognition (Robbins, 1980).

  • Bring some compassion into how we deal with young people who approach love with one foot on the accelerator and the other one on the brake.


There was once a boy named Lou who had raven black hair and an easy smile that never reached his eyes. He was born with the usual number of limbs and fingers; his face had all the usual features in all the usual places. He looked like a child and dressed like a child, but beneath the surface he was a wolf.

Some people said he was born wild, others argued the beast had been beaten into him and the wolf was but the shadow of a deep buried pain. Only Lou really knew where the beast came from, but he had never told anybody.

As for me, it was all the same. Child or wolf? I’ve never been one for appearances. But there was one thing I knew, if you want to survive in a dog-eat-dog world, you’d better have the sharpest teeth.

This is Lou’s story…



The Rage for Life is a powerful psycho-educational resource for use by therapists, counsellors and other educational and social care professionals working with young people who use aggression to manage early terrors.




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