Chaigeley Euros 2021

Chaigeley held its inaugural Euros Championship in July 2021. Six teams: Italy; Sweden; Belgium; The Netherlands; Portugal and Croatia battled it out to be crowned champions. Each team was made up of a (motley) crew of staff and pupils and competition was fierce. The day was a fabulous spectacle of events and colour. Each team wore t-shirts of their own design and were noisy in support of themselves and other teams. After a rigorous Zumba warm up we all embarked on a series of challenges. There was 5-a-side, penalty shoot-out, foot golf, javelin, long jump, 200m, back strength test, balance beam and the springboard high jump.

The competition was intense and close; each team giving their collective best, cheering everyone on and bringing out the best in each other. Team spirit and camaraderie was fantastic. Ultimately Italy was victorious, but by the smallest of margins from Sweden. We finished a wonderful day with a prize giving assembly – certificates for all, medals for the winning team and 6 trophies; one for the top contributor from each team.

Roll on the World Cup!

Football game IMG_7004 IMG_7041 IMG_7076 IMG_7084 IMG_7091 IMG_7206 IMG_7369 IMG_7372 KL Italy