Chaigeley launches Tootoot

As part of our on-going commitment to safeguarding and looking after the emotional well being of our students Chaigeley have signed up to the Tootoot initiative. Tootoot is an online platform accessed either by website or app that provides students a safe voice to be able to report incidents of bullying, cyberbullying, racism, extremism, radicalisation, sexism, mental health and self-harm directly to their place of learning. Chaigeley school have a team of mentors assigned who can give these pupils someone who can listen and advise when they needs it. Tootoot gives students an alternative way to disclose their concerns when they are unable to do so face-to-face. Tootoot also provides a repository of materials that can also be used to educate staff and pupils on key issues.


For more about the features of Tootoot see the link below