Chaigeley marks 25th anniversary of the Warrington bombing.

Tuesday 20th March marked the 25th anniversary of the Warrington bombing.

The Tim Parry Jonathon Ball foundation asked as many organisations as possible to hold a ‘colour of Peace’ day to help raise funds for the Peace centre which has helped people from across the country who have been affected by or been a victim of terrorist attacks.

To help promote Peace and raise awareness across the school we asked staff and pupils to come dressed in green, white or blue and bring a donation.

Throughout the day pupils took part in a number of activities such as designing peace posters, finding quotes to be hung from our peace tree, looking at mechanical limbs, and writing about thoughts and feelings on how situations can affect us. 

We had a guest speaker Tom Coleridge who unfortunately was shot in Afghanistan 6 years ago, he talked to pupils and staff about what happened to him, how he has overcome what happened to him and the support he was given after he was left paralyzed. Tom is now a full time wheelchair user.

A member of staff did a presentation to pupils about her experience of being in Warrington on the day of the bombing and how it affected her personally. This allowed the pupils to hear the story of what happened 25 years ago in Warrington from an eye witnesses point of view.

The pupils all engaged throughout the day and produced some fantastic work, earning rewards throughout.