Titan chairs make an Impact

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Protecting Pupils from ‘Toxic’ shame.

As a specialist school for young people who need help with managing their emotions, the fabric of the school has as much relevance as the policies and practice of the staff team. Many of our pupils are not able to control their emotions and when they feel frustrated, anxious or angry, this will often manifest itself through aggression. Of course staff at Chaigeley School are both experienced and skilled at managing this and consistently work with young people to develop vital skills sets such as tolerance and redirection. However, one of the ways we protect young people from their inabilities to manage their emotions is by ensuring the impact of any unintentional outburst of frustration is minimised. That is why we use Titan Chairs. The chairs are very robust indeed and will survive the most aggressive sudden outburst. This allows young people the space to make mistakes without the shame of facing irreparable damages once the have managed to calm and control their feelings.

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This shame can be ‘toxic’ and can lead to a downwards spiral of self esteem making the development of coping strategies more difficult for pupils such as ours who have complex emotional needs. The simple addition of a chair that is robust safeguards our pupils from one ‘controllable’ consequence and allows staff a head start in the process of developing more resilient skills within our pupils. The fact that Titan Chairs are both attractive and comfortable is an additional bonus but the robust construction and design have become an integral part of our safeguarding practices.