Curious Critters at Chaigeley

As part of the enhanced learning experience at Chaigeley. The science department organised a visit from Danny Jubb at Curious Critters who brought with him his menagerie of insects and reptiles, this included snakes, geckos, tortoises, tarantulas, millipedes, scorpions, cockroaches and a giant Argentinian Tegu called Bruce. The event was extremely well received by students. There was also a ‘bushtucker trial’ which involved eating chocolate crickets and cinnamon mealworms’ delicious! A selection of student feedback included:


‘a five star event, would definitely recommend, I love animals and the fun facts’

‘I enjoyed having a snake round my neck!’

‘It was funny how the tarantula scared everyone out of the room’

‘the critter snacks were delicious, I don’t know why people wouldn’t eat them’


IMG_2965 IMG_2990 IMG_3028 IMG_3161