Paul Parker ‘Recording Clerk of Quakers UK’ visits Chaigeley

Paul Parker – Visit to Chaigeley

January 2018

Chaigeley School was established in 1946 and is a registered charity founded by the Quaker Movement. As a school we aim to reflect core Quaker principles and values.

Paul is the Recording Clerk of Quakers in Britain. Based in London he has been busy visiting all Quaker founded schools in Britain to see for himself how individual schools reflect the ethos and principles of the Quaker movement.

Paul’s visit was interesting and informative for us as a staff team. His feedback to the Senior Leadership team was thought provoking, providing us with an insight into Quaker beliefs and ways to move forward.

During his visit Paul observed that “ the quality of relationships between staff and pupils is evident, pupils are confident with staff both in lessons and as part of unstructured time. There is an understanding of what is mutually acceptable and pupils are able to trust staff. The residential facility is excellent with the potential to develop further “

Paul has put us in touch with other Quaker founded schools and though it is early days we hope we will be able to form links with them and build strong relationships.

If you would like more information on Quakers in Britain please click on the link below.


Paul with members of the Senior Leadership team and Chair of Governors