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Welcome to Chaigeley School


Do you need a solution for a young girl or boy with SEMH or associated complex needs ?

New pupils can start at Chaigeley at anytime throughout the year and can come from any part of the UK.

A requirement of the school is that all pupils are being assessed for a statement of special educational needs or an Education and Health Care Plan which has either been or is about to be finalised.

The admissions process is never made on an emergency (next day) basis, however, admissions can be finalised within 3 days, providing all the required information is received.


Contact details for parents/carers


A copy of the current SEN statement or EHCP


Contact details for the last school attended


If the pupil is looked after


Copies of any exclusion notes from last school attended


Last school report, inc. any education attainment levels


Copies of the last LAC review documentation, if appropriate


Contact details for carers/ social worker

Initial contact can be made either from a parent/ carer or through social worker and/or Local Authority education services. This leads to the referral process being initiated and before the end of the same day contact with the Local Authority will be confirmed to agree that a referral is to be considered.

The next stage is to contact parents / carers( if appropriate). This is vital stage as Chaigeley works closely with parents/ carers/ guardians throughout the provision and would like to engage in a positive way with parents/ carers/ guardians.

An initial visit is arranged. This can be off site if needed but is usually on site so it can incorporate a tour of the school for both parents/ carers and prospective pupil.

The following day a phone call to the pupil and parents/ carers/ guardian ( if appropriate ) is made to confirm if the place is to be made available.


Contracts are then agreed with Education / Social Care officers and a start date is agreed.

The referral process is an open discussion about what Chaigeley can offer for the pupil and what support we can offer to the family / care staff. Honesty is promoted from the outset and the pupils are encouraged to speak openly about their likes, dislikes and aspirations. In return Chaigeley will provide an honest account of how they will be able to help the young person achieve their aims. The referral process, when completed, is a partnership agreement between pupil, school and family that is in place to ‘realise the potential’ of the individual young person.

Should you wish to make a referral request either contact Noel Conreen (using the information on the Contacts page)

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