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Welcome to Chaigeley School

Ethos & Vision

Chaigeley School offers a flexible approach to meeting the needs of young people who experience Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs. We are a ‘specialist’ environment for young people who find effective communication for many different reasons, more challenging than most.

“Providing, promoting and safeguarding excellent care and education, enabling everyone to realise their true potential.”

This specialism holds its foundation in the belief that all behaviour and reaction is a form of communication and a belief that all young people have unlimited potential and want to be happy, independent and respected members of society. Chaigeley aims to prepare young people for modern life through the education of both the mind and heart, we provide a nurturing and therapeutic environment in order to help our young people communicate their needs in a productive and safe way, have the confidence to achieve their life goals and benefit from a position of choice.

  • Continuing to build on our successes and maintain a strong ‘Good’ or reach ‘Outstanding’ by the next Ofsted Inspection under the new framework.

  • Providing an inclusive and welcoming enviroment enabling pupils to become independent and active particpants in their own learning.

  • Becoming a trauma informed school

  • Providing a rich and balanced curriculum that is well planned and effective in meeting the needs of all our pupils.

  • Recognising the importance of literacy and numeracy as the key components required to access the full curriculum, in order to achieve high standards in all subjects.

  • Constantly monitoring and evauating the quality of our teaching to ensure that we provide an excellent education for our pupils.

  • Providing opportunities for all pupils to excel irrespective of race, class, gender, religion, culture, physical and academic ability.

  • Having high expectations of our pupils and ensure that they have the opportunity to achieve their full academic and social potential.

  • Ensuring the Safeguarding of our pupils which is a priority.

  • Having high expectations of our pupils and ensure that they have the opportunity to achieve their full academic and social potential.

  • Monitoring and evaluating the progress of each child, setting challenging targets based on individual needs and involving pupils, parents/carers in the process.

  • Ensure our pupils and staff have access to high quality mental health and wellbeing support.

  • Creating a successful working partnership where all those involved in the school community work together in a spirit of co operation.

  • Nurturing pupil awareness, respect and understanding of other people and the shared environment.

  • Raising pupil awareness that they live in a multi-cultural community, from which they benefit and to which they contribute.

  • Encouraging pupils to become self disciplined and responsible members of society.

  • Providing our pupils with experiences beyond the school environment which will enrich and enhance their learning, promoting valuable life skills.

  • Preparing our pupils for Post 16 and life in the wider community.

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