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At Key Stage 3 pupils learn about human and physical geographical topics that form the world around them, these include plate-tectonics, globalization, industry, continent case studies and weather.

Pupils have the opportunities to gain knowledge about Historical periods and are actively encouraged to give their opinions not only about the effect that these events had at that time, but also how they may have impacted on the future and the World we live in today. Pupils use a variety of mediums, in order to complete their studies. This subject is closely linked to Enhanced Learning, where pupils are able to engage on Educational visits.

Humanities incorporates religious studies at Chaigeley to give pupils a broad view of the key event/issues and leaders in relation to the main religions practiced in this country, in order to equip them to function in a multicultural society. In Key Stages two and three pupils learn about the main world religions and consider the key figures, beliefs and practices of each religion and how these impact the lives of believers.

British values is another theme covered in Humanities, this allows learners to develop pride in Great Britain and its diverse society whist being encouraged to reflect on and develop their own beliefs and opinions, at the same time developing an understanding that other people may have many differing views and that it is important to show respect and tolerance towards others.

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