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Welcome to Chaigeley School

Juniper Therapy

Juniper Therapy is an integrated therapy service at Chaigeley School that helps support the SEMH needs of pupils through direct intervention. Juniper Therapy offers Play & Creative Arts Therapy, Counselling, Mentoring and Speech and Language Therapy.

Our Mission

Our vision is to support the mental health and social communication & interaction needs for individuals while promoting their independence and overall wellbeing. As we have a team of diverse professionals, we give our clients access to a variety of tailored therapies best suited to them and their needs. We also offer support and provide advice for staff and the wider community.

Our Therapy Team

Juniper Therapy is made up of a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate in helping support individuals emotional and social communication needs. Through referrals and assessments, our team can use person-centred approaches to plan and deliver the best appropriate interventions for individuals.

     Robyn Stuart

      Play Therapist

   Clair Brewer

              Therapeutic Counsellor


  Robert Astley

            Alternative Provision Tutor


Play and Creative Arts Therapy

The purpose of Play & Creative Arts Therapy in schools is to help children and young people improve in their ability to learn by alleviating their emotional, behavioural and mental health problems.
What is Play & Creative Arts Therapy?
  • A method of helping clients with emotional, social and behavioural problems to help themselves.
  • It’s a way of individuals processing and expressing thoughts, feelings and experiences when words fail them.
  • Play is the child’s natural medium of self-expression – it’s essential for development.
  • An opportunity to ‘play out’ and express their feelings and problems within a therapeutic setting, with a therapeutic aim, using their natural medium of self-expression – Play.
  • Play & Creative Arts Therapy is about enabling potential.
A Play Therapist is integrative. The approach encompasses expressive therapies which are essential for development and uses such therapeutic media as: sand, art, clay, movement, drama, music and puppets.
The therapist provides a free and protected space for the person to express themselves physically and verbally through play & expressive arts.


Therapeutic Counselling is a holistic intervention and focuses on the whole child and therefore the counsellor uses child/person-centred approaches. Therapeutic Counselling is child-led and non-directive allowing the pace of the work to be determined by that of the client.
In all sessions, the counsellor provides a free and protected space for a client to express themselves fully both physically and verbally. In Therapeutic Counselling the person does this through talking and the use of other therapeutic tools i.e. drawing. The counsellor supports the work by building a trusting rapport with the client so that the individual feels comfortable so that therapeutic work can be carried out.

Mentoring with Activity – Pupil Wellbeing

The purpose of Mentoring with Activity is to promote the happiness and wellbeing of our pupils. Pupils have the opportunity through woodwork and mechanics to build confidence, explore and develop social skills along with practical skills. The intervention is tailored to the individual’s needs. Pupils are referred based on current presenting needs and priority is given to those who have been indicated of needing immediate support i.e. bereavement, at risk of school exclusion or peer relationship difficulties. Pupils are also supported by the mentor/tutor who offers a listening ear while also being a positive role model to help promote and develop life skills, self-esteem and creativity to help pupils discover their strengths and interests. Sessions can be 1:1 sessions or in small groups. 

Speech and Language Therapy (Provided by Jane Mullen Speech Therapy Ltd)

Our SALT team offers a wide range of therapy to the pupils to provide support in all areas of language and communication.  Students benefit from regular on-site therapy sessions in a safe and welcoming environment with sessions tailored to the student’s specific needs in a fun and interactive way that helps to encourage engagement and generalisation.
We use a variety of therapy interventions like
  • Social stories: to help deal with issues that are causing anxieties
  • Comic strip conversations: a visual way of reviewing a situation
  • Talking Mats: to support sharing of ideas
  • Emotional regulation activities: to help individuals understand why they are dysregulation and what things can help
  • Social communication support: helping them engage with others in meaningful ways.
  • Staff training

Occupational Therapy (provided by Shine Therapy Services Ltd)

What is occupational therapy?

Paediatric occupational therapists work with children and young people with physical, sensory or cognitive difficulties, to help them to achieve and maintain independence in the activities (occupations) of everyday life. 

Shine Therapy Services, help assess and develop intervention strategies for:

  • fine and gross motor skills
  • independence skills
  • dyspraxia
  • feeding difficulties
  • handwriting
  • visual perception/visual motor integration

Referral reasons may include:



Communication Problems

Divorced Parents

Mental Health / Anxiety/depression

Anger Issues

Behaviour Problems

Delayed Development

Social Exclusion

Withdrawn Personality

Attachment Issues

Bereavement / Loss

Nightmares / Night Terrors


Low self-esteem / worth


Bullied / Bullies

Poor School Attendance

LGBT+ difficulties

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