This page does not represent an exhaustive list of our policies. Please contact us if you wish to receive a copy of any of  these policies or any other policies relating to the school, safeguarding and employment.


School / Education

(Policies are currently under review)
Accessibility Plan
Accessibilty Policy
Admission & Induction of Pupils Policy
Attendance and Truancy Policy
Curriculum Statement
Data Protection Policy
Equality and Diversity Policy
Relationships_and Sex Education Policy
Social,_Mental and Emotional Health Policy
Special_Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy


To view our Safeguarding policies click here to access our Safeguarding page or access from the home page.


Induction of new staff procedure and policy
Staff Computer Policy  
Staff Discipline and Conduct
Behaviour- Code of Conduct Policy updated
Whistle Blowing Policy



Chaigeley School – Pupil_Remote Learning Policy
ICT & Computing Policy
Internet Acceptable Use Policy  



British Values

British_Values Policy