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Welcome to Chaigeley School

Pupil Support Services

Welcome to Pupil Support

Pupil Support is a welfare/pastoral service. We currently offer a variety of services in school. We also intend to expand in the future.

Our mission is to be a support service which offers social, emotional, mental health and academic support to pupils in a safe, calm, positive and welcoming environment.


The Pupil Support service is a stepping stone between pupils and class. We frequently engage with pupils who are upset, angry, disaffected, distracted, fearful, anxious, troubled or generally struggling to get to the place that they need to be in order to work. Pupils come to us for time and understanding. For a shoulder. For support. They may wish to vent, talk, scream, cry or simply sit quietly. It is our role as a team to facilitate this and use our skills as effectively as possible to support the pupil in working out their issues and a way to resolve them.

Our Team

Pupil Support has three permanent members of staff working on the team. Sam is the Pupil Support Manager and Stacey and Kayley are very experienced and valued members of the team. All 3 members of the team are also qualified first aiders.

Sam Lee

Sam Lee

Pupil Support Manager

Stacey Courtney

Stacey Courtney

Pupil Support

Kayley Woollard

Kayley Woollard

Pupil Support

Services Around Site

Each lesson we endeavour to complete a class check. We will check the school site to ensure that all pupils are settled in class. We keep a record of any issues (for reference) in the Pupil Support Hub.

If any pupils are ‘Out of Class’ we will engage with them and try to return them to class. If pupils refuse to return to class, we will offer pupils the opportunity to come to Pupil Support and endeavour to communicate their whereabouts and the reason they have accessed Pupil Support, with the relevant classroom staff.


If a pupil refuses to either access Pupil Support or to return to class, Pupil Support will liaise with the classroom staff to devise a monitoring plan for the situation.


If a pupil chooses to go off site, classroom staff and Pupil Support will agree a strategy. Staff (classroom or Pupil Support) must follow or endeavour to find a pupil. The responsibility for pupils is shared throughout the staff team. It is not the sole responsibility of Pupil Support to monitor/supervise/find pupils who are missing from class/site. If a pupil is confirmed as missing from site, their individual risk assessment should be consulted and the correct procedure followed, as specified. It is standard practice to inform pupils’ parents or carers and police after an hour; however some pupils’ risk assessments may differ. We would call the police immediately for younger or more vulnerable pupils in line with our Safeguarding and Child Protection policies.

Services In Pupil Support 

We are lucky to have two areas for pupils to access. Our main space is called the Hub. This is an ideal environment for pupils to work in, talk informally with staff or interact socially with staff and other pupils.

We also have the Snug, which is a more private space. It is important to remember that Pupil Support is an alternative space, it should not be perceived as a sanction or a reward when a pupil needs to or chooses to attend. We are an additional option to consider in times of need by all.

You can call to see if it is possible for a pupil to work in the Pupil Support rooms. A member of the classroom staff may accompany and work with Sam, Stacey or Kayley in our rooms. Please check for room availability with Pupil Support staff.

Alternatively, if a pupil requires a break from class and/or staff but wants to work we can facilitate this in Pupil Support. Please check with Pupil Support staff that someone is available, ideally work would be sent with the pupil but if this is not possible we do have generic folders of work for pupils to access. We also have two working PCs.

Pupil Support also gives pupils an opportunity to take a chance to re-group if they are finding the classroom environment or school to be stressful.
This may mean that a pupil may not be ready to accomplish an academic task, but they may wish to talk about an issue that is concerning them, engage in a social activity or merely take some time out/quiet time before returning to class. Pupil Support staff will endeavour to communicate how a pupil has spent their time in Pupil Support with classroom staff.

Our aims for the future

With the advent of our new workspace we are hoping to expand our service. We wish to offer the pupils a more consistent approach. We have always been a reactionary service, intervening in situations as necessary and as priority dictates. However, our aim is to now offer some proactive services.


If possible we are going to try to ensure that there is always one member of the team in the Pupil Support rooms for pupils who wish to drop in. Staff permitting, we think – taking on board feedback that we have received – that it is important for pupils that someone is  always ‘at home’. We realise that there will be times when this is not possible but we will endeavour to produce a rota that means that a member of our team will always be in if anyone calls.


We are currently working on turning our new rooms into our new home; we want a calm, sunny, multi-purpose environment where everyone feels comfortable, safe and welcome.

Services In Class 

On occasion members of the Pupil Support team will be timetabled to cover in class. So, you can also call on us to provide extra assistance in the classroom.

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