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Welcome to Chaigeley School

Rewards & House System

Our current house team system was established in 2006 and has proven to be very popular. Our house team system is inclusive; it strives to generate friendly competition across the school via a variety of individual and team building activities. The values we hope to encourage include: co-operation; sportsmanship; respect, kindness and trust.



Throughout a range of team activities:

  • We build stronger and more substantial bonds between all members of staff and pupils.

  • We inspire confidence and self-respect in our pupils. We allow them to enjoy recognition for their individual and team achievements and be appropriately rewarded.

  • We plan activities which help to foster a healthier approach to living by encouraging physical activity.

  • We use the system to address and improve pupil behaviour. We encourage the teams to regulate behaviour within their own peer groups, for e.g. by setting positive examples and using praise and encouragement to accomplish a team goal.

The system is still an integral part of school life at Chaigeley. The pupils are invested and there is active and healthy competition for the team and individual prizes every term. Our various tournaments throughout the year are always highly anticipated and the trophies and medals strongly contested. Our celebration assemblies are a joyful place to be, it is a pleasure to witness the happiness and fulfilment that the pupils gain from their achievements.

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