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Welcome to Chaigeley School

Year 11 Leaver’s Day!!

Before I start, I would like to say a big thank you to the following people for helping put together an amazing last day for Oak: Kay, Shellie, John, Alex, Paddy, Noel, Jill, Nicky, Amy, Eva and Jan.

Myself and Oak have been very lucky to have worked with an amazing team of TAs over the past few years, some who have left a special place in our hearts and have definitely kept us in line. Shellie – for organizing us and keeping me out of Monica’s closet, Russo for being the Poo head hero,  Alex and John (who have recently joined us) for introducing us to Jedi games, Basia for being the best loser at poo head and finally Kay – who has been a super star really but the pupils of Oak think she needs a year off from me! But to all of you thank you  – you have really looked after ALL of us and you have contributed to all of our journeys.

This has been a very difficult thing to write as I really don’t want to say goodbye. I’ve had the privilege of being Oak’s form tutor for the past 3 years and I’ve got to know all of you really well. I have felt like a very proud parent every step of the way. You have all grown into well-mannered, respectable , young men and I’m immensely proud of the journey you have all come on and the obstacles you’ve tackled to get here today.

I have experienced all different emotions with you all over the years: frustration, tears but lots and lots of laughs. I will always remember our VERY competitive games of poo head; your incredible work ethic; your consistent respect for staff and each other. You have become a brilliant team as a form and always have each other’s back – don’t ever forget that.

What I won’t forget:

  • Will – handcuffs and chicken suit
  • Luis – farting and teasing Paul
  • Ciaran – gaming and scaring us all
  • Marshall – dragons and your mischievous nature
  • Nathan – beautiful manners and wanting to be closer to God
  • Aaron – cinnamon toast and your umbrella

Although you should be pleased with how much effort and determination you have put towards your academic progress such as sitting your GCSEs and other qualifications, what is more important are the things that we can’t always evidence such as how well you have improved in terms of your social skills, emotional regulation and maturity in adulthood.

You have all been absolute credits to school and fantastic ambassadors of Chaigeley. You all symbolise the fantastic achievement that can be had here, if you want it enough. You are all definite success stories. I can’t wait to see what your future holds but I hope you achieve everything you put your mind to.

Thank you for being so brilliant and excellent role models for the rest of the pupils. Please come back and see us.

Thank you for being you.

Sophie H.

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