This page does not represent an exhaustive list of our policies. Please contact us if you wish to receive a copy of any of  these policies or any other policies relating to the school, safeguarding and employment.


School / Education

Accessibility Plan
Accessibilty Policy
Admission & Induction of Pupils Policy
Attendance Policy
Curriculum Statement
Data Protection Policy
Equality and Diversity Policy
Exclusion Re-admission Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Positive Handling Policy updated July 2017
School Behaviour Policy
Sex and Relatonship Education Policy – updated July 2017
SMSC Policy
Special Educational Needs Policy


Anti-Bullying Policy new version
Attendance Policy
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy
E-Safety Policy – new Jan 2018
Invacuation_Lockdown and Evacuation Policy
Keeping_children_safe_in_education 2016
Medication Policy
Missing Child Policy Sept 16
Positive Handling Policy updated July 2017
Prevent Duty Policy
Safeguarding Policy (CP) _reviewed March 2018 (CBS)
Sex and Relatonship Education Policy – updated July 2017
Substance Use and Misuse Policy

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Induction of new staff procedure and policy
 Staff Computer Policy Jan 18
Staff Discipline and Conduct



 ICT & Computing Policy Jan 18
Internet Acceptable Use Policy Jan 18
Staff Computer Policy Jan 18